Overcome using E-Wallet

Step 1:

Restore internet and telephone connections (may be already done)

Step 2:

Form new company like KURTC for e-wallet implementation.

Step 3:

Ask IEEE or any similar organization to build software and provide security initially.

Step 4:

Provide any fund/salary through the e-wallet and obtain maximum result.

This e-wallet amounts can only be dispensed through banks by using printed paper form with a delay of one week (verify thoroughly).

By keeping this as the only way to convert money into Currency notes will ensure;

Less hacking competitions because e-wallet amount is only valid inside Kerala
Any fraud attempt will be under Jurisdiction of Kerala

Human interaction is required for getting currency notes;

which asks for more digital transactions using e-wallets
More transparent interactions and fund utilizations
Prevention of corruption and bribes
Keeps a high amount of money on Govt side which can be circulated for various developments

Additional 1:

Can use the same blockchain technique aspired for file transactions in Govt offices also for marking the cash transactions.

Additional 2:

Can use the aadhar based e-verification and other OTP methods which are already familiar and implemented for ration shops.